annual report

We help grow teaching practice to improve the learning of students. We continue to work with our people and bring the best education experts to our South Australian educators.

Co-design makes a difference to professional learning

In our first year, we’ve seen how co-design makes a difference to our participants’ learning experience. Understanding the needs of educators and co-designing professional learning ensures the learning is anchored in the South Australian context and aligned with the curriculum, as well as being underpinned by the latest research.

Applied learning improves practice

We’ve seen the positive outcomes from our applied learning projects. The project gave our participants the opportunity to identify and research a personal challenge of practice, engage in reflective, critical discussion about their learning and document this process. Best practice adult learning principles underpin our approach at Orbis and we know that applying the learning is key to improving practice. Active and practical participation means that educators learn from each other through sharing their implementation and successes.


Ongoing learning has been key to our success

Ongoing development and collaboration are important to being a continuous learner. Our participants understand our professional learning programs are unique, and that coming to Orbis is a commitment to enhancing their professional practice. In 2019 our South Australian educators had the opportunity to share and reflect on their experience, knowledge and their learning was embedded over a period of months not just a few days.

Collaboration strengthens the learning back at school

In the last year we've seen how important it is for a school to bring a team of teachers and leaders to a program. It provides a collaborative approach  to embed new learning within their school improvement practices. Our participants have taken what they've learned at Orbis, and with their colleagues, introduced the new learning to their team and continued the learning at their school. Orbis supports educators to build collective efficacy.

An exemplary experience is essential

The Orbis team is proud of the exemplary customer service we provide to our participants, stakeholders and learning providers. We believe in delivering on the promise of exemplary service. Part of our evaluation includes understanding what makes a difference for our leaders and teachers. Based on what we heard from our people we implemented the following:

  • Bespoke learning experiences
  • Personalised customer experiences
  • Cohort profile survey
  • Principal summaries
  • Principals Hub
  • Enhanced learning management system
    (LMS) user experience
  • Alumni engagement
  • Annual program content and delivery review
  • Annual customer experience review
  • Ongoing participant case studies
  • Built-in time for the applied learning project during face-to-face days

Building strong learning relationships

We’ve discovered in our first year that bringing teachers and leaders into a purpose built adult learning space has encouraged learning and strengthened networks of support. We’ve worked to foster strong learning relationships with our participants through the support of our facilitators, coaches and Orbis learning partners. We’ve given our people the expert support they needed to successfully navigate their learning. We brought the best educational thinkers from around the world to Adelaide to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality professional learning, and to our shared goal of becoming a world-class education system in 10 years’ time.

The learning never stops

We've discovered so much in our first year of providing exemplary professional learning to South Australian educators - the team at Orbis are much the same as our participants; we're ongoing learners and are continually working to elevate our service, content and delivery. As we focus on providing meaningful learning, you can trust that we have done the research and be confident that we deliver professional learning that improves practice and supports growth for every child, in every classroom, in every school. We are exemplary learning.

annual report